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Who truly knows me better? Bryce or Nessa?
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Edited/Filmed by JROD: officialjrod


  • why does bryce talk to ness like that? also, why does josh allow bryce to talk to her like that?

  • you should teach the boys how to play hockey.

  • i can make that body count 19 😏😘🥵

  • Nessa is literally suck a baddie but really shy

  • I love Nessa she made a mistake and that mistake she can take back so I would say Ness is a good person and she's very pretty

  • Ummm 18 woah

  • nessa is so depressed rn

  • I like how supportive the boys are to jadens music

  • He seems like the worst boyfriend of all time lmfaooo

  • poor nessa

  • poor nessa I really hope she finds someone who treats her well no hate just saying u should treat her better

  • guys stay out of their relashionship, you guys see like 10 mins of their week and say he treats her wrong... leave them alone damn


  • This is why I ship chase and nessa more than josh and nessa now😳

  • Nessa is just slow


  • I just fucking hate how this guys treat Nessa.

  • I'm happy him and nessa re togheter

  • 5:56 um ok that question was kind of disrespectful like y...just y....

  • This is really disgusting especially Bryce I never hated him before but he's really mean to her in general girls don't this type of guys

  • i feel so bad for Nessa they treat her really badly

  • when bryce went in for that “kiss” tho

  • Peep the Jayden music! 😍


  • I now like Josh

  • Why are they so f*cking rude to Nessa she is always so damn nice to you guys !!

  • Please nessa is fine this is literally how they joke- y’all know nothing about them and it shows leave THEM ALONE

  • Is his body count seriously 18 🤣

  • i frickin love nessa so much like she’s so chill all the time and she just takes the L from all the boys fr PRAISE


  • why the fuck is bryce and josh speaking to her like that i feel si bad if that we me i would get uo and leave u can see that she is hurt by it

  • since when were they dating

  • Nessa looks sad in this but like her voice is so cute

  • ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💕💓💓💓😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😋💖💖💕💓💓💓😍😍😘😏💗💗😏😋💖💕❤️😘❤️🥳

  • hi you must be josh serto.entao because you don't take care of your life instead of talking badly about people .ja that you want a fight there will be a fight with us like a girl with this white tank top i've never seen him so gay chase has a slender leg but at least he has smoothness is not the same as you who wear women's clothes so take care of your life and say the same to your little friend brice idiot

  • Their not dating

  • The title: Bestfriend VS girlfriend. WAIT wait wait GIRLFRIEND did we miss an episode

  • if my boyfriend let his friend talk to me like that , he would be my ex boyfriend after that minute.

  • a girl friend or ex

  • Girl leave already

  • for example go to 4:52

  • i can list so many times they treat her like shit just in this video

  • Y’all know that josh & Bryce are just messing with her right they are joking don’t take it too serious

  • Honestly I dont know why everyone is getting so pressed him saying F you to Nessa it’s just banter they probably say to each other all the time there just being best friends

  • Она такая сидит😥. Не при делах 🤣

  • Wait gf??

  • can we just acknowledge how mean they are to nessa

  • Nessa deserves better idk what happened in this video but Josh always so much care about Nessa or maybe we should say Josh care about her in the past....

  • Nessa deserves wayyyyy better ur soooo disrespectful I don’t really think she likes u ur just rude

  • I really lost respect for what he said about Chase that’s soooo fu*ked up I Stan Nessa she really is kind

  • If you really wanna call nessa your "girlfriend" treat her like one, and don't let anyone treat her like anything less than what she is

  • Nessa doesn’t seem like she likes Josh

  • When josh and nessa were together bryce he would respect needs now like he's rude to her

  • when bryce said to nessa: fuck you, only I was like ... how nervous about her, she got such a look, i was so nervous for her . I like bryce , but why he always says to nessa like not good things i guess its not ok, i like them both , but its im sorry

  • I think she is happy but think what you want to think

  • im not his girlfriend- LOOK AT THE EFFING TITLE

  • Guys chill Bryce and nessa think of each other as brother and sister. ( also this is exactly how me and my brothers joke around 😂 )

  • 18!? Dndbfjfn

  • Bryce and Josh are so mean to Nessa...

  • Nessa’s soo great and I have great respect for them because of all the Bahamas shit

  • 3:41 ew did bryce the punk just said shitty ass girlfriend? Ew Nessa deserve better friends

  • I play lacrosse too but I just don’t like how girls lacrosse is a non contact sport

  • I'm literally unfollowing Bryce everywhere omfg he's so rude wtf

  • Girlfriend???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Can you guys stop cusing a lot

  • You have to eat to get big lol

  • girlfriend ???

  • He's such a douch to his GF... (Josh) Talking about body counts, what type of porn he watches and what type of girl he would try to talk to? Like WTF?

  • Bruh y’all are so mean to nessa

  • Why would Nessa let Bryce talk to her like that he would of been in the emergency room🙄✋🏼 i though I had respect for Bryce but I’m back on square one

  • why are people so mean to nessa she always looks so sad and bryce was being such a dick as usual

  • wtf, nessa has found herself as a person and I use to think y'all would be so cute but now, she deserves better josh. Honestly to think that she loves you when you talk to her like that? Please josh your wayyy too lucky to have someone like her.

  • Omg i hate nessa so much because i heard some rumurs but since i didn't hear her side of tje story i feel so bad because she looks like shes so in love josh and hes disresepting her and she thinks thats ok, like i feel so bad now, i jope shes happy soon, everyones saying that hes disrespecting her si now im gonna watch

  • i feel so bad for nessa, i mean bryce and josh are like disrespecting her sm!!

  • they weren't even mean to her lmao

  • why are you so mean to nessa

  • Hi

  • Nessa deserves better than these two

  • Boyfriend Vs bestriend i always knew guys were secretly gay they rather their guy friend over a nice girl

  • Josh you so strong

  • Joshs middle name is my grandfathers first name

  • Omg he's so rude to nessa she deserves better:(

  • You listening to 69😛

  • wtf is this shit, they are so mean to nessa. I rly don't understand their relationship with her but no one should ever be distracted like that. Nessa is a fucking star


  • Is Nessa and josh dating again What? And the title girlfriend

  • Why the heck is Bryce saying f you to Nessa? She didn’t do anything


  • She deserves better...😢


  • DISRESPECTFUL, Nessa deserves better

  • this video is absolutely disgusting normalize porn? what the heck. These boys are so immature, irresponsible and disrespectful

  • My last name is hall

  • when bryce said “fuck you” to ness josh should’ve said “don’t say that to her” but tbh she deserves better

  • bro josh and bryce are kidding and nessa knows it calm down

  • Ok Nessa derseveres so much better then these two childly and disrespectful boys,

  • There dating?!

  • The fact that Josh literally called out chase for not treating chatli right when this is how he treats nessa doesn't sit right with me.

  • omg bryce so rude he reminds me of a bully ... hes an ass honestly and so sorry for nessa the way this animals treat her

  • nessa................do better girl